The management of TStv Africa is glad to inform you that for the months since our launching, our subscribers have been enjoying these features via their TStv Smart Decoder. The A La Carte feature allows our subscribers to choose only the channels they want, the Pay As You Go feature ensures they pay only for the channels they have chosen while Pay Per View feature means they pay only for the time their Set Top Box is on and connected, within a reasonable period unless they activate the pause subscription option.


We can confirm to the representatives of the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission and members of the press that our plan and promise to provide Nigerians with a Direct to Home television service that allows consumers have total control over the choice of what they watch and pay for has been delivered and proven to be workable.

This is unprecedented in Nigeria and TStv Africa is proud to lead this innovation. We are further delighted that we are able to reduce our prices per channels for the coming celebration periods from Valentine all through Easter and to Ramadan for subscribers to premium television content such as the Cinemachi channels, 1 Movies, Fox News, Al-Jazeera, ESPN and so many others.


In our bid to provide quality and affordable service to Nigerians, we have in the spirit of love and understanding of the current economic upheaval decided to reduce the charge per channel for our customers and intending customers to a maximum of ₦2 (two naira) and a minimum of ₦1 (one naira).