TStv Africa, a Nigerian Direct to Home Pay TV operator, has offered employment to close to 100 job seekers this year alone in anticipation of beginning operations according to a reliable source close to the company.

This has come at a period where investments by firms are impeded largely due to the uncertainties that come with the COVID-19 pandemic, limited knowledge about the duration of the outbreak, the effectiveness of policy measures, and the reaction of economic agents to these measures—as well as negative investor sentiments, which are causing turbulence in capital markets around the world and leading to loss of employment in some industries.

Despite the hard consequences of the pandemic on businesses, TStv is reportedly determined to meet the popular demand of Nigerians for a Pay TV that factors the Nigerian economic situation in its operations and billing system.

A close friend of the MD of the company who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that TStv has cleared all issues with their dealers and industry regulators who are now fully on board for a new launch date for the Pay TV operator to begin its operation, latest by the end of this year. While the source refused to discuss TStv’s setback after its first launching in 2017, he claimed that “businesses all over the world are not immune to challenges, it is all in the past now. TStv faced a lot of challenges and I think we should sometimes talk more about their consistency and the resolve of Dr. Bright Echefu to bring viewers something unique and economically sustainable to the average person.

He said, “TStv has already acquired an expansive operation base in Idu industrial area of Abuja, while their Lagos office is also set to commence operations anytime soon. I am also aware of the recruitment exercise into the marketing department and the customer service which absorbed about 30 to 40 staff to bring them to a total of about 100 operating staff members as we speak. They will be launching soon but I can’t give you an actual date for it as I am not a TStv spokesperson.”


By Tina Abaka


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