The Nigerian political climate is unique in its composition, outlook and composition.  will highlight a few rules to adhere to to survive the Nigerian Political Arena,

1. Be Strategically Cautious
2. Exude positivity always
3.  Be slow to shoot but shoot to kill
4. Make less female enemies
5. Negotiate passionately but unemotionally
6. Never celebrate negativity in public
7. Reward Loyalty at a good cost
8. Punish disloyalty slowly but surely
9. Seek self improvement always
10. Respond to Political Attacks Like a King
11. Avoid the trap of arrogance or pride
12. Never be afraid of to Apologize
13. Seek Knowledge Deliberately
14.  Sleep with political enemies but  in day time
15. Be prepared for betrayals
16. Use negative press positively
17. Invest in information gathering
18. Be known to friends and foes as politically reliable
19. Choose long term political allies in no haste
20. Never criticize your leader in public .
21. Arrange for others to blow your trumpet

Lai Labode , 10th March 2013



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