A statement from CSCHEI on the occasion of World Cities Day

“Amid the urban hustle and bustle, there’s a common refrain – ‘I dey go Lagos, Aba, PH, Abuja; I wan go hustle – na there I go make am.’ ????️

With more than half of the global population already dwelling in urban areas, and a projected 70% by 2050, it’s clear that cities are the future. Surprisingly, over 60% of the lands set to urbanize by 2030 remain untouched. ????

As we celebrate World Cities Day 2023, let’s delve into the challenges of our growing cities. Rapid urbanization strains infrastructure, transportation, housing, and quality of life. Take Lagos, the ‘Land of Opportunities,’ for example. It’s booming but congested, with constant traffic gridlocks and struggling infrastructure, leading to housing shortages and power woes.

To overcome these hurdles, CSCHEI admonishes that city planners must embrace sustainable development – invest in efficient public transport, pedestrian-friendly streets, and smart tech. Equitable resource distribution is vital to prevent slums and ensure all residents have access to housing, healthcare, education, and jobs.

The message from.CSCHEI is that On this World Cities Day, let’s unite to craft a future of sustainable urban living for all. ???????? #WorldCitiesDay2023”

Director Youths