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Recap, Download and Watch Power Season 5, Episode 2 (Damage Control)

Season 5 of Power. Tariq still needs to get his ass whooped, and his parents are trash for failing to deliver the…

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Jason Returns To Make Things Even More Difficult For The Crew

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Episode two so accurately titled “Damage Control” picks right up with a failed drug delivery in a Los Angeles port. The delivery that Jimenez subsequently take away from the easily dispatched goons belongs to a very powerful distro we met last season named Jason Micic. If you hop in your Power time machine, you will recall that Tommy took a trip to Chicago last season to meet the head distro. While on that trip he nearly lost his life because both he and Ghost canceled Christmas on”Serbian Hannibal Lecter” aka Milan without Jason’s approval. Tommy dodges a bullet and agrees to run both operations in Los Angeles and New York BUT he has to stop associating with Ghost. We know that didn’t happen as we all can see, and this failure immediately wreaks of severe consequences not only for Tommy but Ghost and Kanan as well.

While discussing the failed hit on Dre that Tariq messed up by sending a warning to ambitious gangster they get a surprise visit. Jason shows up to talk about the failed delivery and wants to know how Tommy plans to take responsibility for his missing product and get his $2 million back. He is also not too happy to see Tommy didn’t comply with his request and is still working with Ghost. Jason initially has his mind made up on killing all of them, but Tommy convinces him not to. He promises to help Jason get to the port and still move his weight. Jason spares them all, but in the process, he enlists Ghost and Kanan to help Tommy complete the job and eliminate the Jimenez cartel. So now Ghost, who desperately wants to get out the drug game, is thrown back in it because of Tommy.

Ghost sees this as a suicide mission, Kanan sees it as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Take out the Jimenez cartel gives the crew a clean shot at Dre plus they have Jason’s protection. Everybody gets what they want, especially Kanan who is looking for a way back into the drug game.

Dre Might Have Bit off More Than He Can Chew

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Dre is learning very quickly that it’s not easy being the boss and that Diego Jimenez is a voyeuristic psycho. Dre walks in on Diego engaged in a threesome for all of NYC to see. Dre tries to leave, but the drug kingpin insists he stays, the fact he has an audience excites him even more. Once he finishes his trip to pound town he expresses his displeasure about losing 86 keys of product to the feds because of a raid. Dre doesn’t take responsibility, but Diego places the blame on him anyway. BUT he also reveals to Dre that he seized some product (the shipment mentioned earlier), and it’s on the way, and he wants Dre to move it quickly to help recoup all the money lost due to the raid.

Diego also brings up the infighting going on with Toros Locos gang now that they don’t have a leader yet. He wants Dre to fix it immediately because he nor his sister “don’t have time for f*** ups.” Dre ensures Diego he will take care of it as well as secure the nightclub deal he stole from Ghost last season. After his meeting, we catch up with Dre and one of his goons, a hot-headed opportunist by the name of 2-Bit. Dre explains to him that their first Jimenez shipment is coming in and he wants him to be there to receive it. 2-Bit jumps at the opportunity to have some significant responsibility and is excited to do the job.

Cristobal walks, and you can tell he’s not too sure about Dre’s minion and asks to talk to Dre alone. Dre insists that 2-Bit can be trusted to hear whatever Cristobal has to say to him. Cristobal breaks down what is going inside the Toro’s gang with the power struggle between their most prominent members. He suggests that Dre takes out the youngest member shifting power to Lorenzo who is the more seasoned member. 2-Bit suggest they take out Lorenzo and opt for the younger Toros member being in charge because he would be easier to control. Dre agrees with 2-Bit despite Cristobal’s input putting a massive battery in 2-Bit’s back. Cristobal states whoever Dre hires to do the hit on Lorenzo, they will have to kill to remove any stench of them being a part of it.

Welp, we learn very quickly that Cristobal was right to be very wary of 2-Bit. While riding around with Spank, they spot Lorenzo completely lost in his phone and decided this is the perfect opportunity to take him out in hopes of moving up the ranks. That move may prove to be a costly one for the both of them because if the Toros finds out they killed their guy, it could point right back to Dre. As you can imagine he is pissed when 2-Bit boasts he murdered Lorenzo, Dre understandably not happy checks 2-Bit and tells him to leave the warehouse. Once outside, Dre lets 2-Bit know that he is in charge and he does whatever Dre tells him to do. Kanan sits back and soaks in all the discourse, could this be an opportunity he can use to take out Dre?

Tommy Learns The Mob Life Isn’t Easy

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Being a drug dealer and being in charge of your crew is one thing. Being a member of a notorious mob family is a whole new ball game. Tommy finds that out the hard way thanks to his decision to hire Vincent’s nephews to grab Dre. We witnessed last week Dre managing to escape the two Italian goons by shooting both of them. The consequences of those actions are now coming back to bite Tommy in his pale white ass.

His dad’s loyal friend Sammy surprises him at his apartment and takes him to a garage. When they walk in Sammy reveals for whatever reason that his dad’s wife Connie isn’t doing so well. That might come back into the discussion later on in the season. Waiting for them is a severely injured Carmine still suffering from the effects of the gunshot wound suffered at the hands of Dre. We learn the other cousin didn’t make it and the police found his body and delivered the sad news to his family. Tommy’s first inclination is to put Carmine out his misery but Sammy stops him because that is not the way they treat family. Tommy decides he is going to talk to his dad and straighten things out.

Tommy heads to the prison to speak his father, Tony Teresi about the current pickle he is facing. He starts off the conversation saying he is sorry to hear about Connie but Tony has no idea what he is talking about. Very strange don’t you think? Anyway, Tony warns his son to stay away from his wife because if she finds out about him, it will kill her quicker than the disease she is battling. They finally get to pressing matters, and it looks like someone beat Tommy to the punch telling Tony about the whole failed hit situation. Tony says it’s in his son’s best interest to make things right with Vincent immediately and to accept whatever punishment comes his way from the head of the family.

Tommy and Sammy head back to the garage with the doctor, but they are too late, Carmine has gone to the big mobster mansion in the sky. Tommy senses he is in some deep shit and lashes out at Sammy for snitching to his father about his situation before he could take care of it. Sammy fires back now he has to explain two dead bodies to Vincent now. Tommy finally links up with the calm but still very intimidating mob boss. Tommy avoids swimming with the fishes this time by lying and saying he took out his nephew’s killer already. Sammy corroborates his lie, and Vincent also instructs Tommy to pay restitution to their families and increased his cut from Tommy’s deal with him. Vincent leaves, and Sammy punches Tommy in the face right before he could thank him for covering for him.

Kanan and Ghost already don’t trust Tommy’s new relationship with the Italians, and this latest move doesn’t help either. It only adds to the growing list of problems the trio faces in their quest to take out Dre and now the Jimenez too.

John Mak Tries To Get Proctor To Flip On Ghost

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Saxe is leading the charge to bring down Ghost and secretly Angela much to the surprise of Jerry who isn’t too happy to learn they are keeping that info secret with the quiet backing of Tameika. Mak still feels it is a waste of time to parade a blindfolded witness in front of the jury. Saxe thinks otherwise and is convinced more than ever this the opportunity to take down both Ghost and his nemesis Angela. While Saxe stays on his current path, Mak decides the best way to bring down Ghost is to get his lawyer, Joe Proctor, to flip on him. We know that is going to be insanely hard to do because Proctor is more loyal than the Republican base to Donald Trump. Also, he knows in the back of his mind what could happen to him if he does decide to flip. We are sure an image of Tommy holding a knife to him flashes in the back of his mind all the time.

Mak decides to pop up on Proctor while he is enjoying a drink at the bar with some friends. Why do the people Joe hates always seem to interrupt him when he is having fun? John uses the angle of Joe’s bar committee coming up and offers to withdraw his conflict of interest complaint if Proctor gives background information on his clients (Ghost). Joe immediately shuts him down but John plants the seed that Joe needs his job to take care of his daughter before he makes his exit.

Mak’s next move might be his best move because he has an ace up his sleeve. He ambushes Proctor’s former second council on Ghost’s trial and Tasha’s new side piece Terry Silver. Mak knows that Terry has some issues with Proctor and his testimony is pivotal, but Terry isn’t so willing to testify against Proctor. Unfortunately for Terry, Mak came prepared and hits Silver with a subpoena forcing him to appear in court.

At his hearing, Joe is holding his own very well because he has been down this road a few times. There is just one big difference he didn’t have to worry about Terry Silver testifying against him. He is thrown for a loop when the judges introduce his former co-chair as a witness. Terry admits that he asked Proctor to recuse himself from the case due to a conflict of interest. He points out to the court that Proctor refused and told Ghost not to take a plea deal that would have said he was guilty of a crime he didn’t commit because Ghost was innocent. Proctor does manage to flip the situation on Terry by asking him if there was ever a situation where Silver compromised himself for an innocent client. Terry replies no but we all know that is a damn lie.

Councilman Tate’s Ambitions Are Becoming Very Clear

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This is why people just don’t trust politicians. Councilman Tate is using Raina’s death to help him get elected and disguising it as him caring and wanting to help Ghost in the process. He harps on the fact that having a child murdered senselessly doesn’t look right to investors. Tate proposes that Ghost and Tasha should hold a press conference to speak about the murder and offer a reward. Ghost is hesitant but tells Tate that he will talk to Tasha about it.

Tasha immediately turns down the idea being that they already know who Raina’s killer is and speaking about it so publicly could make matters worse. Ghost doesn’t argue with Tasha and informs Tate that the press conference is no go. Of course, Tate doesn’t listen, and when Ghost and Tasha arrive at Tate’s press conference, he invites them up to talk about Raina’s death. Completely caught off guard by Tate’s devious move, Tasha and Ghost speak and handle the situation without revealing anything. Tasha is rightfully pissed and takes her anger out on Ghost following the press conference. James then reciprocates and takes his frustration out on Tate who makes it very clear how far his ruthlessness and lust for power will go at the expense of the St.Patrick’s grief.

Ghost and Tasha Are Having A Hard Time Dealing With Raina’s Death

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The running gag with this show is how nonchalantly the family has been dealing with the death of their daughter. For the most part, Tasha has been the most grief-stricken while Ghost remains very stoic. In this episode, we begin to see both of them start to crack a bit—each trying to come to terms with losing a child.

Tasha decides she needs to talk with someone besides Keisha or her husband and wants to join a group that tackles the grief of losing a child. Ghost is very reluctant at first, but he knows to get what he needs from Tasha, he has to give her what she wants, so he agrees to it. The faux couple sits down and listen to the stories of other parents that lost their children too soon. A particular story sticks with Ghost about a father following the murderer of his child daily who was killed by a drunk driver. The father points out while he and his wife are still grieving, the man continues to stop by a liquor store daily continuing to drink and drive. Tasha attempts to speak, but Ghost grabs her hand keeping her from raising it to share their story.

When they arrive home Tasha calls him out on his move at the meeting. Ghost feels their situation is too unique to share, but Tasha needs to talk. She angrily gets out of the car leaving Ghost to contemplate his decision. In this episode we see Ghost reach out to his former fling Angela twice as a cry for help. Angela doesn’t answer his calls forcing Ghost to leave messages stating “he’s not doing so good,” and resorting back to alcohol to ease his pain. Remember that story that the father told about his son’s murder? Well, Ghost takes it upon himself to track him down. In a strange twist, Ghost follows the man who just made his purchase from the liquor store follows him into a conveniently placed alley and stabs the man to death.

Now either Ghost has just become a vigilante, or this was his way to lash out for the murder of his daughter. Either way, it’s a very interesting twist and like any other deed that was done on this show, it will bear some consequences for Ghost sooner or later.




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