Whatsapp is about to roll out an update which could result in a lot of red faces.

Now the communications app is preparing to roll out an Android update which could end up recording your secrets and broadcasting them to chums.

It will soon release a ‘locked record’ function which will allow you to switch on record by tapping the microphone and holding it for a half a second.

Currently, Android users have to hold the icon to record a message.

But the update let you record without worrying about your finger slipping off, forcing you to start the process all over again.

However, anyone familiar with the concept of ‘bum-dialling’ should be worried.

There’s a very real risk that you could accidentally switch on the locked record, which means your witterings could be captured and then perhaps even transmitted if you’ve very unlucky.

The best way to protect yourself from unwanted booty calls is to make sure you lock your phone before inserting it in your back pocket.

Apple users already have the ability to use the locked record, which was included in a beta version of the new Whatsapp software.