Phew! This is one post that has been building up in my head for such a long time. Finally got the time to pen it down as a rant. Yes, this a rant. I have never been to a meeting or been among a group where when they decided it was time to pray for singles, there is more than one prayer point. There is usually just that one prayer point and it is always that they will find the right person and marry well, bla, bla, bla.

This does not happen only in meetings (by meetings I am referring more to church meetings) but in small, informal gatherings as well. You just let about 3 or more people be gathered to talk and if the conversation somehow slides towards marriage and the next thing will be wishes and prayers for singles to get married. Thank you dear married people for your concern, honestly it is appreciated but I wish you would care about other parts of my life too.

Ahan! E no dey do una? Is that the only thing y’all can pray for when you think about or see singles? If I were to count the number of the times someone has prayed for me not to gbe egun elegun, it would be 25 times more than the number of times they have prayed for me to make money or for my non-profit to thrive.

Please get your heads out of the sand people, there is more to life than marriage. Do not get me wrong o, in my opinion, marriage is a fantastic somtin and is one of the most important things of life. I want to get married and look forward to doing so but it is not the only thing I have come to do to this world to do. We cannot ‘pleyz’ focus on only one thing *in Falz’s voice* How many marriages have been ruined because one of the couple was having issues career wise and it spilled over into the marriage? How many marriages have been ruined because of money issues?

Lemme not just rant sha. It may be that you guys honestly know nothing else to pray about when it comes to single people. So I have created a list that I think you will find useful in guiding you in praying for us single folks.

  1. Fulfilling purpose (Purpose is more than marriage! Marriage for sure affects your purpose, it can make or mar it. But what of those that do not even know what their purpose is at all, y’all cannot pray that they should know what it is?)
  2. Knowing how to handle finances (The knowledge on how to make and use money and how to use if to God’s glory and benefit of humanity is a great thing to pray for someone to have)
  3. Enjoying and making the most of their single days (Too many people plan and long for marriage that they forget to enjoy being single)
  4. Increase in wisdom (No need to explain this)
  5. Direction for career (A number of folks are not enjoying their careers or want a change or something sha and need direction from God on what to do)
  6. Knowing God more (Knowing God more is the most important thing shey you all know. A person who knows God and keeps seeking to know him more will not marry wrong)
  7. Playing their part in nation building (Have you ever prayed that someone will play their part in making Naija better? It is not only Buhari we should pray for)
  8. Good health (No need to explain this too)
  9. Building healthy relationships (Not romantic relationships obviously. Pray that folks make the right friends, find the right mentors etc.)
  10. Add your own here ………………………………………………………… (just make sure it has nothing to with marriage)

Remember, I am not anti-marriage or against praying that people should get married and marry right at that. I just think there are other things that need your prayers too. Wait, did Jesus ever even pray for anyone to get married????? That just occurred to me. My rant is hereby declared over. Thank you for expanding your minds with my rant.

Lastly, to all you good people out there. This is a personal mini rant. Stop telling me about how I will change (become less waka waka, become more girly, become more kitchen friendly bla, bla) when I get married or get into a relationship, Keep that opinion to yourself please. I know your intentions are good, I just do not appreciate it. If it so bothers you, give me something practical that may change the situation, if not, please keep that opinion in your head, no need to share it with me.