Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, on Wednesday, called on governments worldwide to join forces to defend against cyber threats that he said, could bring down military and civilian aircraft.

“Cybersecurity also represents an enormous business opportunity,’’ Netanyahu told a cyber conference at Tel Aviv University.

He added that Israel received about 20 per cent of global investment in the sector.

“We cannot go back to the world of levers, pulleys and couriers.

“Since we are going forward, we are absolutely vulnerable.

“Our airlines can be brought down, our fighter planes can be brought down,’’ he said.

While Israel monitors attacks at its cybersecurity centre in the southern city of Beersheba, Netanyahu said there was “no silver bullet”.

“This is a supreme test for our civilisation; it’s going to be tested not only by criminal organisations and by terrorists, but by other states.

“We have to combine forces,’’ Netanyahu said.

As he spoke, lights flashed and another voice boomed out in the room in a simulation of a hacking attack.

He said that the hackers were “based in a country not far from Israel’’, an apparent reference to the country’s arch-foe Iran.



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