Just before the new year i had decided to suspend political activities for a while and doggedly pursue economic and career advancement but recent occurrences in the country coupled with the recklessness of d Army that has become absolutely repugnant and of great concern has forced me to pen my thoughts…

I am saddened by the fact that more Nigerians have died in the hands of the Nigerian Army than Boko Haram in the Last 2years : the massacre of Shiites in Kaduna, the killing of peaceful IPOB protesters and now dropping bombs on IDPs, these killing of the people you are meant to protect is distasteful and sadly nobody will be brought to book or held accountable for these murders. Looking at this you will ask the question “is it that our lives don’t matter”

All through the length and breadth of our dear Nation we have deep crisis which are claiming lives daily and in droves.

In the North Central, Fulani herdsmen running rampage maiming and killing with reckless abandon with Governors doing little or nothing and acting like they have been struck with plagues of dumbness…

The North East has been bedeviled with Boko Haram insurgency which every now and then we are told has been defeated only for them to strike again, the latest being the bombing in the University of Maiduguri where a 7 year old child was the unfortunate conveyor of this message of death. Until now, several years later, none of the sponsors and financiers of the insurgency has been jailed or is it that our lives don’t matter?

In the Northwest, a certain model Governor so to say is said to have paid miscreants not to continue with senseless killings. What is happening in Southern Kaduna is nothing short of “Genocide” as a particular tribe is annihilating another and the Governor who is supposed to be the chief security officer of the state is being lackadaisical and acting nonchalantly so I ask again “Is it that our lives don’t matter” In Zamfara we are also witnessing the same killings and nothing is being done to ameliorate the issue. why wont i ask the question “is it the our lives dont matter?”

In the South West, kidnappings are the order of the day, some come out of it alive while others just die in the process even after paying heavily. So it’s important to ask the question “Is it that our lives don’t matter?” As the so called constituted Authorities do not see it as a priority and put adequate measures in place to nip this nefarious activities in the bud.

In the South East there is the clamour for an independent state of “Biafra” and the IPOB group has been going about their protests peacefully as no violence or destruction of property has been recorded on account of the protest, PEACEFUL PROTEST yet military operatives mauled down many as if Lives don’t matter and our leaders and government continue with sealed lips and I ponder “Is it that our lives don’t matter? ”

In the South South, the story is a different thing as it’s d militants who are doing the damage and forcing the government to speak out so much so that the Government is willing to negotiate putting back amnesty on the table as the effect of the crisis has crippled the Economy of the Nation.

Yet nothing is being said or done about kidnappings in that region of the country and I ask myself, they can act when it comes to resources but are mute on security of lives and I ask “Is it that our lives don’t matter?

Look at tragedy where a military Jet dropped a bomb on an IDP camp killing hundreds and leaving many injured… how did that mistake happen? Is it that Rann IDP camp in Kala-Balge local government now shares fence with Sambisa forest that the coordinates were muddled up? Will anyone be brought to book for this unfortunate incident? Or is it that our lives don’t matter? A lot of international aid workers were involved in this mishap so let’s see how our government will handle this.

Another issue of importance at the moment is the proposed closure of Abuja Airport and diversion of flights to Kaduna. I will not go into the logistics and technicalities therein however After much Ado I understand about 500 policemen will be deployed on that road to ensure the safety of travelers and I ask myself, why wasn’t this initiative put in place before now especially around the very volatile areas of the countries? Or is it because VIPs will be plying the route during the closure? And I ask “is it that our lives don’t matter”

This question can be extended to the international organizations who claim to be watching or acting on human rights issues, consider the amount of people dying and take neccessary action or appropriate advocacy to preserve our lives…an IDP camp was bombed thrice and its claimed to be a mistake? is it not enough for the international community to open an investigation into the unfortunate incident? let it not be that the question will continue to resound that “is it that our lives dont matter?”

In conclusion I want to state categorically that a lot of these deaths and mishaps are avoidable if only Government can be firmer on issues and we as a people we stop playing politics every time on national issues that have far reaching effects on us our children and even generations yet unborn… Let me end my meditation by praying that Our children never ask question I started with “Is it that our lives don’t matter”

Ojugo Onyelukachukwu tweets at @gentleojay