A statement from the European Commission demanded the UK “honour” its membership commitments until 2020

The EU has demanded the UK fork out for the £39bn divorce bill in the event of a no-deal Brexit .

Theresa May had previously agreed to cover costs associated with membership of the European Union up until 2020.

Now politicians in Brussels are reportedly demanding the money be paid in full – even if then UK crashes out without an agreement

The proposals have been revealed in contingency plans drawn up by the EU as the possibility of no-deal Brexit draws nearer.

A statement from the European Commission said: “All commitments taken by the 28 Member States should be honoured by the 28 Member States.”

“This is also true in a “no-deal” scenario, where the UK would be expected to continue to honour all commitments made during EU membership.”

The demand is likely to infuriate hardline Brexiteers who say the money should be withheld as a bargaining tool to ensure a better compromise with the bloc.

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 The EU is apparently ramping up its preparations for a no-deal Brexit after MPs gave backing for Theresa May to rip up the withdrawal agreement and find ‘alternative arrangement’s’ over the Northern Ireland backstop.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission President, added: “I will listen to her ideas, but I will also be extremely clear about the position of the EU.

“Yesterday’s vote has further increased the risk of a disorderly exit of the UK.

“We have tried everything in our power to prepare for all scenarios, including the worst.”

Mr Barnier backed up the warning by saying no-deal preparations were now “more essential than ever”.

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He told MEPs: “I mentioned lucidity and realism.

“It’s less than 60 days now to when the UK is going to leave, but we don’t have a positive majority in the House of Commons on a clearly identified solution accepted by the UK.

“It is therefore urgent that we should be prepared for all scenarios and bring in all contingency measures, which are more essential than ever.”

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