Going into Power season 5 episode 4, it’s clear that Ghost and Kanan have a problem — and it’s a different one than what they’ve had so far this season. They’re still trying to figure out the right way to deal with Dre, but they are now in a position where Tommy is starting to get enchanted with the idea of running around with his dad Teresi.

As Ghost points out to him, rather astutely, in the Power season 5 episode 4  is that he is his family so much more so than Teresi ever was. This is someone who just turned up and there is little to no reason for Tommy to trust him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that this is enough convincing for Tommy to listen to him. Instead, Tommy seems as intent as ever to continue to work with his dad, not knowing that pops has himself a secret scheme that involves turning on his son down the road.

Ultimately, the eventual plan that Ghost conjures up with Kanan goes a little something like this: Find a way to ensure that Tommy is too dangerous for even Teresi’s crew to want him around. Nobody wants to feel like their lives are on the line, and with that, the best strategy for Ghost to take on here is just to make Tommy into an enormous threat. Ghost and Kanan have shown over the years that they are able to handle a little more danger than anyone else; therefore, they should be more than capable of taking on the responsibility of having him around.

No matter what happens, we anticipate Power season 5 episode 4 to be an interesting turning point for the story. Now that Teresi is out of prison, we have a hard time imagining that he is going to wait all that long before executing his plan with his son.






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