London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has called for a fresh referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union, warning that leaving the bloc could lead to job losses and worsened economic prospects.

In an editorial published in the Observer newspaper, Khan slammed the British government for its handling of negotiations with the EU.

“At every stage, [Prime Minister Theresa May’s] government has looked unprepared and out of its depth, resulting in a litany of wrong turns,” Khan wrote, before criticising his predecessor as London mayor, Boris Johnson, for prioritising his political ambitions.

“It seems the debate has become more about Boris Johnson’s political ambitions than what’s good for the country.”

The United Kingdom has until March 2019 to secure a deal with the EU over the terms of its exit from the organisation, known as Brexit, but Prime Minister Theresa May only agreed to a unified negotiating platform with her cabinet in July.



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