In its second weekend, “Black Panther” fell a very respectable 46 percent with a total that is estimated to be $108 million. That pushes the film’s domestic total to $400 million and a worldwide total of just over $700 million. It took “Avengers” two weeks to reach the $400 million mark. “Black Panther” did it in 10 days.

In a very distant second place is the comedy “Game Night” with $16.6 million. Internationally the film opened to an additional $5 million. The film stars Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams as a couple who sees their weekly game night taken over by a murder mystery that might be more fact than it is playful fiction.

Peter Rabbit” lands in third place with $12.5 million. The live-action animated film has earned $71 million stateside against its $50 million budget. The film has yet to open internationally outside of a few small markets. I’d expect a strong showing in the U.K. when it opens on March 16, but all eyes will be on China’s totals when it opens there next week.

The critically acclaimed sci-fi feature from Alex Garland (“Ex Machina”) “Annihilation” opened to $11 million. That number looks a little softer than it really is seeing as “Annihilation” had the second highest per-theater average of the week with screens it was shown on, earning around $5,467. Then again, that number pales to the $26, 877 theater average that “Black Panther” had, but it is still something of a silver lining for the sci-fi horror film starring Natalie PortmanJennifer Jason Leigh and Tessa Thompson.