Algeria said Monday it is preparing a plan to export 3000 megawatts of electricity to Libya once its project for backing up the transmission lines is done, the Libya Observer reports.

The Minister of Energy in Algeria, Mustafa Qituni, did not say when exactly the plan will be executed to materialize the agreement signed with Libya and Tunisia to provide them both with power.

“Algeria will export electricity to Libya and Tunisia after it achieves the proper energy capacity for itself.” The Minister said.

He also told reporters that Libya will have 3000 megawatts and Tunisia 300 megawatts once the transmission lines between Algeria and the two countries are ready.

Libya’s power network has been for the last three years seeing massive outages in peak times during summer and winter leading to load shedding programs placed by the General Electricity Company of Libya that may go for over 6 hours per day.

Libya has also been challenged by security and economic issues in finishing a number of power plants’ projects.



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