K“The inspirational show featured highly placed women in the society who shared their life’s experiences in the deepest, most meaningful way that will pull a tear or two out of your eyes”.

Kemi Adetiba is currently toying with a brand name change from ‘King Women’ to ‘ObongAnwan.’
In an Instagram post on Tuesday, January 15, 2018, Kemi said, “We’re also playing with the idea of a rebrand. Changing the title “King Woman” back to its original native name “ObongAnwan”. For those that don’t know the story, “ObongAnwan” is a chieftaincy title bestowed on worthy women in my mom’s state of Akwa-Ibom.”

The ‘King Of Boys’ director further said, the original inspiration for the series was her mom who has been offered this prestigious title numerous times.

She also announced that she, alongside her crew, will start shooting the second season of “KING WOMEN” this week.

“King Women” is simply a web series that tells the story of some of Nigeria’s powerful women of veteran status.

The women in each episode tell their stories from their hearts. It’s the passion and sincerity with which they share their live story that evoke emotions from viewers.

“King Women” is an interview-based series by Adetiba. As the host, she understands how to build relationships with her interviewees and get them to share their unheard stories

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