#All Progressives Congress, APC‘s National Chairman, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has described the February 23rd presidential election as ‘a fair and honest exercise that permitted the full expression of the sovereign will of the Nigerian people.’

Tinubu in a congratulatory message said that Nigerians have given Buhari a clear, indisputable mandate to lead for another four years, adding that the president will install peace where there is unrest, tackle corruption, among others.

He also noted that by re-electing President Buhari, Nigerians have shown that they believe Nigeria should move forward to its better future instead of returning to the mistaken ways of our past.

He said, ”You have chosen victory over defeat, hope over despair, prosperity over poverty. You have selected the path toward a greater Nigerian instead of that toward our lesser selves.

”For this collective act of courage and enlightened optimism, we can do nothing but express our most profound gratitude and thanks to the millions of APC members and to all Nigerians for their patience, and their commitment to our democratic electoral process.

Tinubu while commiserating with Nigerians who died during the election said the election represents a historic step forward.

”With this election, Nigeria signals to the world our unalloyed embrace of democracy and our unflinching determination to perfect this democracy. While this election was free and fair, we also must acknowledge the isolated incidents of violence. Nigerians were killed and injured during what otherwise was an exemplary democratic procession. Such things should never happen and do us no good.

”We must dedicate ourselves to the principle that elections are meant to better all of our lives and thus there is no reason why elections should result in the impairment of even a single life. Let us work even harder to ensure that the March governorship and state assembly elections be devoid of such unfortunate incidents.

”No doubt Nigeria has its challenges, but it stands undaunted as a nation. Nigeria is stronger today under the leadership of President Buhari who continues to lay the critical reforms that constitute the foundation for durable, broadly-shared economic development.

”President Buhari has marked progress against the terror of Boko Haram. In his second term, he will continue to install peace where there is unrest and violence and he will not cease in this task until Boko Haram and its evil brethren are no more.

”He will continue to battle corruption head-on. Given the president’s fortitude and determination, I know corruption will lose this battle and receded from being a major factor in our public arena.

”This current leadership owes our youth and all Nigerians to build a political culture of civility, tolerance and equality.

”The tasks before us are hard. We dare not underestimate the challenges that await, but the rewards that beckon are profound. The people of Nigeria are industrious and brave. The ground beneath us is fecund and it is ours. Our plans are visionary and bold. Our goals are just. And the president you have re-elected is honest and true.

”The confidence I have in this positive confluence of leadership, people, resources and ideas is an unwavering but also a glad and comforting thing. If we put ourselves to it, there is nothing that another nation has done for itself that we cannot achieve for ourselves.

”There is no aspect of national greatness and achievement that lies beyond our reach. Thus, we should look forward to the next four years with hearts filled with hope and hands ready to work.

Only God can create the Promised Land. Yet, with God’s help, we endeavor to make of Nigeria a land of greater promise and prosperity for all her children.

”With President Buhari at the helm for four more years, I know we can achieve this.

Congratulations to President Buhari on your re-election.

”Congratulations to the APC for the fine showing across all the February 23 elections. More importantly, congratulations to the Nigerian people for the wisdom and courage shown in deciding that the best of Nigeria still resides in our future and that President Buhari is the man you best trust to lead us into that future. Posterity shall reward you for what you established on Election Day.

”Today the sun shines brighter on Nigeria. If we work hard, tomorrow we shall be able to say the same thing.”

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