The Chinese internet company ByteDance reported today that it will sue the United States government for unfair treatment, in response to the executive order against the operations of its Tik Tok application under security concerns.

That company issued a statement rejecting the decision of President Donald Trump and expressed dismay, because in the last year it maintained communication with the North American side and offered solutions to clear any concerns about the operation of the popular mini-video platform.

He considered the maneuver a violation of laws and warned of damage to the confidence of foreign companies with plans to enter American soil.

The executive order -squeezed in- sets a dangerous precedent for violating the free and open market, and Tik Tok will take appropriate steps to ensure that laws are followed.

Trump signed this Thursday the text that prohibits any transaction or business with ByteDance after 45 days, in an attempt to pressure it to leave operations of Tik Tok in the hands of a domestic firm.

That move also includes the popular social network WeChat, alike WhatsApp here.

‘Data collection threatens to allow the Communist Party of China to access Americans’ personal and private information, potentially allowing China to track the locations of federal employees and contractors, create personal information files for blackmail purposes and carry out corporate espionage’, the document states.

In this regard, on Friday the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated the call for Washington to stop politicizing economic-commercial issues, provide a fair and discrimination-free environment where foreign firms can work normally.

The Foreign Ministry denounced that the White House shamefully uses national security as a pretext, abuses power and demonstrates its hegemonic attitude.

Tik Tok and WeChat are the new targets of a U.S. offensive against China’s tech sector that previously attacked phone makers Huawei and ZTE.


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